Totalitarianism In A Post-Truth Society

If you fetishise world domination, war isn’t the way. Force is amateur. Instead, manipulate the thought process of the intended through tunnelling. Control how they interact with information by constructing reference points within their cognition. Slowly linguistically dig your way into their psyche, preferably while they’re young, and begin laying the ideological framework
through efficient, reputable institutions such as culture, science, and religion.
After some time, you won’t have to invest in regular maintenance of these tunnels, as the targets will egotistically manifest a character who’ll freely work to preserve the infrastructure. They’ll reinforce the implanted perspectives as their truth and defend it with their lives while fundamentally identifying themselves as this character. Brilliantly too, they’ll act as salesmen
selling your infrastructure throughout their social network. It’s free marketing and labor.
Don’t restrict independent thinking either; that’s an unprofessional move. Rather, provide just enough freedom to delude one into believing their thoughts are free of external influence to reduce potential suspicion and, consequently, introspection. Otherwise, they’ll discover the construction through self-awareness.
However, if all runs smoothly, no matter their perspective, all information will transport through the tunnels you constructed.
Soon enough, the desired reality will be projected by the intended, and with enough minds, dominate the collective consciousness. As a result, congratulations, you attained world domination.


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