Tiny Bits of Personal Advices To Help You Get Through Life

Hey there, this blog post has all the essential information to navigate through your adult life.

Documents / Administration: 

  • Insurance such as Car insurance, Health insurance, Dental insurance, Homeowner pet, etc.
  • Figure your finances out. Learn basics; Credit cards for 101k savings, RRSP, etc. 
  • Medical appointments.
  • A plan for debt, there is good debt and there is bad debt but a debt is debt. nevertheless.  Plan to get out even if it’s a baby step.
  • Taxes – check on your taxes, make sure everything is correct and keep on top of it. 
  • Have an income – even if it’s a cashier job – it’s still an income. 
  • Never underestimate a step forward. 
  • Check your document expirees- passport, licenses, credit cards etc.
  • Put all important documents split into specific locations specifically: passports, licenses, social security, birth certificate, marriage license, tax returns, registration, finance records.
  • Suggest putting Security surveillance cameras in two different places, in case of a robbery or some unseen event. 
  • Go make copes of all those documents and put these physical copies in a third location.
  • Appoint someone you trust with your passwords.
  • If your computer has a lock, give a physical copy in case something happens to you, so they have access to these types of information. 
  • If there is something very important to tell someone before you pass away, write it down and put it aside just in case.

Immediate Rules:

  • Keep places and items clean. 
  • Make a healthy lifestyle, especially eating. 
  • Enforce sleeping rules – if you are having sleeping issues, investigate first.

Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Floss. Nothing makes you feel like you have your life as put together, then flossing. 
  • You can buy stick applicators that are way better.
  • If you’re doing that, you may as well get mouthwash. 
  • If you’re flossing and doing mouthwash, may as well wear your retainer. 
  • Make your bed everyday.
  • Buy a tool to measure your personal activity, like an app, fitness watch etc. – wear it constantly.
  • For those sleep deprived: blackout curtains, earplugs, satin pillows, weighted blankets, stuffed animals, white noise, ASMR, no technology 1 hour before bed, reading before bed or natural supplements can help a lot.
  • If you’re getting tired after you’re eating: this is often a symptom of a food allergy, food insensitivity or overindulgence.
  • Make a skincare routine. 
  • Buy new socks and underwear.
  • Put a counselor/psychologist on your yearly checkup list.

Career/ Income/Growth:

  • Have an income.
  • Make huge goal within reasonable limits – a huge goal does not mean being a CEO – it’s what meaningful to you.
  • Make smaller goals to get there.
  • Make smaller goals for you to personally enjoy.
  • Write down the things that would impress you, if you achieved.
  • Pin it physically to a board.
  • Get a whiteboard/corkboard or something you can physically see items written down every day.
  • As mentioned above, make a plan for your income. 
  • Even if it’s 1$ saved a week, that’s still 365$

Emotional / Mental Wellbeing:

  • Get your phone out and put your loved ones’ birthdays in your calendars.
  • Add important events.
  • Add in your phone a once a month reminder to check in with loved ones to see how they’re doing. 
  • In that calendar, make a note if one of your friends is going through a hard time, set a reminder to check in on them. 
  • Figure out what you want in life, especially dating. 
  • If you don’t figure out what you want, you make yourself vulnerable to being used or being misguided.
  • Identify your achilleas heel.
  • What are you bad at? Just keep this in mind for later development.

Overnight Changes:

  • Donate the pieces in your wardrobe that aren’t you anymore.
  • Start getting pieces that are.
  • Think about where those are also from; consider secondhand.
  • Start reading, get a bookshelf and begin to fill it things you love.
  • Do what you want with your appearance as long as it’s in alignment with your goals/vision of yourself. 
  • Volunteer even if it’s just 3-4 hours a week.
  • Retirement homes and aging populations, are some of the most valuable connections you can have.
  • Go to the gym, watch what you eat, do all the advice prescribes.
  • Go out of your way to teach someone something, even if it’s just a tutorial.
  • This will help you grow confidence in your own knowledge, sharpen communication and help connect to others.

Checkbox lists that will start to change your day:

  • The 15 things you are afraid of on the list.
  • Great, now go do most of them.
  • The 3 things you should have done but ignored, instead.
  • Great, now go do them.
  • The 3 things you want to do this year but haven’t got around to.

Not A Checkbox: 

  • the last 4 years of bad decisions you made and besides them, why you made it.
  • Sit with that uncomfortable feeling for a while and accept responsibility.
  • If you do not learn, the universe will try to teach you again.
  • When you’re done with those lists, print out a monthly calendar and jot down some important things you need to do.
  • After you do that for a while, make a weekly to-do list, eventually, a daily one should result. 
  • Checkboxes are your friend and give you dopamine.
  • Things I had to learn the hard way that I hope you’ll avoid, making this world a better place.
  • Always attend the wake and/or funeral.
  • People die once.
  • Stop being selfish and think of others.
  • You will never regret going.
  • Give more than you take.
  • When you fail to make a decision, the rest will make it for you. It may be the wrong one, still. 
  • When you’re too indecisive and finally make a decision last minute, the weight of that decision often come back to you, like a slap in the face.
  • It’s okay to be wrong and make mistakes.
  • Hold yourself to a high standard and if no one is telling you that you can do better, I am.

Common bad habits:

  • Unplug preferably from social media.
  • If not, limit to 30 minutes.
  • Quit ideally daydreaming, more so when you have other things do or work towards. 
  • Stop applying all your time to something that has little feedback like videogames – Consider adding another hobby.
  • Stop staying up late at night – specially if it makes you feel groggy later.
  • Quit feeling sorry for yourself and if you can’t stop, go listen to someone else for a while. 
  • Failing to think/check-in/consider other people on a frequent basis.
  • Running away from your problems through traveling, Instagram, Netflix, drugs, booze, dating etc. Stop turning your brain off all the time.
  • You have good ideas up there.
  • Monitor your recreation.
  • Being bad with finances.
  • Comparing yourself to others.

Small things that will pay off:

  • Go learn basic history – especially go learn the basic history of the last 75 years. 
  • Have a basic knowledge of finances, housekeeping, driving, changing tires, etc.
  • Have a basic knowledge of common mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, narcissism, etc.
  • Ask your parents things you wanted to know; record a message from them, even if it’s something small. 


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