Growing Up with Strict Parents: Twitter Users Share their Personal Experiences and How it Impacted their Lives

A recent conversation on Twitter surrounding the topic of children being raised by strict parents touched on several ways in which this can affect children as they grow up. Many users shared personal anecdotes about feeling repressed and unable to express themselves when they were growing up under strict parenting.
Others highlighted how strict parenting can lead to feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth.
Some mentioned that strict parenting can also lead to difficulty in forming healthy relationships and trust issues.
Many also mentioned that strict parenting can cause children to be more prone to rebellion and make them more likely to engage in risky behavior.
Some users also pointed out how strict parenting can lead to children having a lack of autonomy, self-motivation, and decision making skills.
Overall, the conversation on Twitter emphasized that strict parenting can have a significant negative impact on children’s emotional and psychological well-being, and that it’s important to find a balance between setting boundaries and allowing children to express themselves and learn from their own experiences.


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