Exploring The Shores of a Mind

I suppose what we ultimately mean by thought is the final product of a response. Information enters the womb of our cognition via our senses, which we creatively and intellectually dress, adding layers of symbols from the wardrobe of language, forming the thinker, ‘I,’ a base point for consciousness to create reality. However, if we cannot find suitable attire for translation, the thought remains naked in the form of a feeling.
See, I’ve partially entered your mind right now. Respectfully, I’ll leave my shoes at the door because I mean well, but bein linguistically dressed appropriately, I can infiltrate and assist in clothing your thoughts, influencing your identity and, therefore, reality, so long as you identify as the thinker.
That is why people feel personally attacked when their thoughts are challenged, as they don’t want to change clothes for they’ll lose their sense of self. It’s hilarious. Look at me; I’m walking around this mysterious, unlocatable space of yours. Mind if I sit here? Pun intended. I’m just having fun.
It’s the play of words, which has no substance compared to what’s unsaid, to these raw, undressed thoughts you have here, behind the wardrobe, your intuition and love.


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